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GAL 1830 W Wireless Battery Charger 18 Volt 1 x 2.0Ah Wireless Li-Ion


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The Bosch GAL 1830 W Wireless Battery Charger Kit is the world’s first wireless charging system and is always ready to use offering greater productivity. It offers a convenient charging system as it can be integrated into the workflow.

The charger is robust as there are no contacts making it extremely durable and protected against dust and water. It is a flexible power system and is suitable for all tools within a voltage class. It is supplied with a rubber mounting frame (as shown).

It also comes with a GBA MW-B 18 Volt 2.0Ah Wireless Li-Ion Battery that has up to 100% longer lifetime thanks to Bosch CoolPack.

Battery Voltage: 18 Volt.
Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah.

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